The Nursing Simulations Lab Specialist is a key member of the Nursing Simulation Lab team and has primary responsibility for coordination and implementation of simulation and lab instruction to meet the educational outcomes of the nursing curriculum. Reporting to the Nursing Lab Coordinator, the position works in a collaborative team environment, programming, testing and running scenarios with faculty instructors, assuring that the facility and equipment are set up for lab and simulation teaching sessions, and providing technical support and troubleshooting of lab technology and equipment.



  • Coordinate planning of simulation and lab activities with various teaching teams.
  • Coordinate student work-study lab assistants in partnership with Simulation Lab Coordinator, including scheduling and day-to-day management.
  • Provide communication and feedback to the Simulation Lab Coordinator on facility, technology, equipment, operational and other needs identified for overall maintenance and program functioning.

Simulation and Lab Teaching

  • Collaborate with faculty, and Simulation Lab Coordinator to create simulation environments.
  • Prepare simulations and make adjustments to equipment, simulated drugs, props, and other environmental variables.
  • Collaborate with faculty and Simulation Lab Coordinator in the orientation and training of actors and simulation users in the control room before and during simulations.
  • Conduct manikin operation and programming
  • Operate cameras and other audiovisual equipment during scenarios and debriefings.
  • Assist with rapid patient and environmental changeovers between labs and simulations.
  • Provide set up/break down of simulated environment and labs for teaching sessions.
  • Develop moulage, costuming, staging, scripting and use of props.
  • Set up, clean, and break down equipment and supplies needed for lab classes.
  • Actively participate in student learning during open lab practice sessions.

Technology and Audiovisual Integration

  • Maintain simulation equipment and ensure manikin functionality.
  • Develop technical proficiency with all aspects of the operation, maintenance, support, troubleshooting, repair and replacement needs for all equipment: high-fidelity, medium-fidelity, and task trainers.


  1. Participate in College recruitment events (prospective student tours, Day on Campus, etc.)
  2. Communicate in a positive, professional manner with faculty instructors, students, and clients of the Simulation Center.
  3. Participate in technical training as necessary; attend conferences to stay current with simulation technology.
  4. Perform other duties as assigned.

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